Alumni Navarrenses (Navarra University), together with the Spanish Universities on the French Way, created the University Credential in 2002 to make the Way to St James known in all international universities.

The University Credential consists of two documents (the university pilgrim’s credential and the university certificate of St James or the so-called ‘Compostela Universitaria’ (University Compostela), that accredits the university pilgrim of any University in the world and certifies his passage along the European Universities placed in some of the historical or present European itineraries of the Way to St James.

The Way to St James starts at the pilgrim’s home and finishes in the Apostolic tomb. The various itineraries are sometimes called in a different way according to the author, but we will indicate the following as the most usual ones: French Way (Lemovicense, Turonense, Podiense, Tolosana and Piamonte), North Way, Primitive Way, ‘Ruta de la Plata’ (Silver Way), English Way, Portuguese Way and Italian Way.


The credential is a sort of safe-conduct for pilgrims. It is personal and is only given to those who go to Santiago by walking, cycle or on horseback. You can get it at the ‘Amigos del Camino de Santiago’ Associations (see the section ‘Asociaciones’) or in the place where you start the Way. It is instantaneously given and only the Identity Card is required.

This document is essential for entering the hostels or special lodgings for pilgrims. The credential is sealed in this hostels for testifying the pilgrim’s passage. It also serves to get special documents in museums, monasteries and leisure centres.


How can you get it?

RONCESVALLES – Pilgrim Information Centre.
CANFRANC – Tourist information office (Torre de Fusileros, between the station and the village).
JACA – Santiago Church.
LARRASOAÑA – Pilgrim’s hostel (Mr Santiago Zubiri).
PAMPLONA – Pilgrim’s hostel.
PAMPLONA – Navarra University – information point at the central building of the University Campus.
PUENTE LA REINA – Pilgrim’s hostel.
ESTELLA – Pilgrim’s hostel.
LOGROÑO – Pilgrim’s hostel.
SANTO DOMINGO DE LA CALZADA – Pilgrim’s hostel of St Domingo Brotherhood.
BURGOS – Pilgrim’s hostel (‘Amigos del Camino’ Association).
FROMISTA – Pilgrim’s hostel (St Zoilo Monastery).
LEÓN – Pilgrim’s hostel.
ASTORGA – Pilgrim’s hostel.
MOLINASECA – Pilgrim’s hostel (Alfredo).
PONFERRADA – Pilgrim’s hostel.
VILLAFRANCA DEL BIERZO – Ave Fénix Pilgrim’s Hostel (Jato).
O CEBREIRO – Pilgrim’s hostel.
SAMOS – Monastery’s hostel.
SARRIA – Pilgrim’s hostel.
PORTOMARÍN – Pilgrim’s hostel.

The ‘Compostela’

It is the document you can get at St James’ Diocesan Delegation once you arrive in Santiago de Compostela, proving you have gone on pilgrimage to Santiago.
The Compostela certifies that "The Chapter of this Holy Apostolic Metropolitan Cathedral of St. James, custodian of the seal of St. James' Altar, to all faithful and pilgrims who come from everywhere over the world as an act of devotion, under vow or promise to the Apostle's Tomb, our Patron and Protector of Spain, witnesses in the sight of all who read this document, that: Mr…………………has visited devoutly this Sacred Church in a religious sense (pietatis causa).

Witness whereof I hand this document over to him, authenticated by the seal of this Sacred Church.

Given in Compostela on the (day)……(month)……A.D. ………

Chapter Secretary"