3: Mondoñedo - Gontán (Abadín)


The route between Mondoñedo and Abadín has an extremely hard section, Alto da X

The name ‘Abadín’ is supposed to come from ancient times, when it belonged to three monasteries (Mondoñedo, Lourenzá and Meira) governed by abbots. Abadín represents for walkers the entrance door of A Terra Chá, the great natural region whose capital is Vilalba and offers a comfortable way to go.

Iglesia de San Cosme-Galgao

We pass along Galgao, where people celebrate the traditional ‘Romería de San Cosme’ and a magnificent ‘cruceiro’ next to St Martiño Church is still preserved.


In Gontán, there is a very important cattle market and a pilgrim’s lodging with 26 available beds.

Abadin, Concello

After crossing Gontán River we get to the capital of this municipality next to the Town Hall and the school. The local sports centre takes pilgrims in as well.

Santa Maria de Abadín

St Maria Romanesque Church (12th century) has a beautiful rose window made up with only a stone. In the façade there are two worn coats of arms that belonged to the Luaces, noblemen from Abadín, since the 16th century.