5: Vilalba - Baamonde

Stage 15 km.

Towards Baamonde

Pazo Pena Corbeiras y Muiño do Rañego

Once we pass Pazo de Penas Corbeiras, which belonged to the Marquis of Hombreiro, and the restored Muíño do Rañego, magnificent popular architecture piece, we find Ponte Rodríguez and finally Ponte de Saa over River. Puente de Saa -Vilalba

Albergue Baamonte, Lugo

Already in Baamonde - Begonte, we find a magnificent pilgrim’s lodging, one of the oldest in the present route.Iglesia Santiago de Baamonde, Lugo, Foto carlos Rodríguez

The parish church in Baamonde, dedicated to the Apostle Santiago, was built in the 14th century but also preserves Romanesque elements






Carballo en Baamonde, Lugo, Foto Carlos Rodríguez

Opposite the façade there are Stations of the Cross and we also see an ancient chestnut tree with a chapel dedicated to the Virgin inside. The chapel was carved by Víctor Corral.

Casa de Victor Corral, Baaamonde

Víctor Corral’s house-museum deserves a visit as well. A lot of sculptures in the garden and in the house sum up the sculptor’s artistic activity.