5: Borres - Peñaseita

From Borres, there are two possible routes for the walker. One of them, the so-called "Ruta dos Hospitais" (Hospital Route), is 26,5 km long and goes along Montefurado and Berducedo up to La Mesa, whereas the second one (15,3 km) stops at Peñaseita after passing along Pola de Allande. This is completed with the sixth stage (16,6 km) that goes up to La Mesa. There are pilgrim's hostels both in Peñaseita and La Mesa.

Leaving from Borres, we find Samblismo, La Mortera, Colines, Porciles, Lavadoira… and we get to Pola de Allande.
Leaving from La Mortera, where the Pazo dos Maldonado and St Pascual Chapel stand, you can go through the Hospital route in a version that leads the pilgrim through Fonfaraón and Valparaíso (old hostels in the Way) to Montefurado. You should not forget Pola de Allande either, a present passage of the Way to Compostela.


Once you pass Ferroy, you find Pola de Allande.
If the previous villages were born by a royal initiative, Pola de Allande was born because in the second half of the 13th century. Bishop Pedro gave properties so that the inhabitants could create the village.


The Pazo de Cienfuegos, from the 14th century and rebuilt in the 16th century, catches our attention in this village. It dominates the population from a hill with three towers showing its fortress.
The religious architecture is represented by San Andrés Church, from the 16th century and then restored on many occasions.


Leaving Pola de Allande, we find Peñaseita and El Palo (1.146 m) with wonderful landscapes, including the remains of old auriferous exploitations.

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