4: Tineo - Borres

From Tineo to Borres, the fourth stage, only 18 km. In the Way, we find Obona, a very important monastery declared by Alfonso IX as a compulsory pasagge to Compostela years ago. The pilgrim should collect provisions as passing along Campiello

Still near Tineo, following the way, we find Santa María la Real de Obona Monastery. This outstanding centre is thought to have been founded in the 8th century and had its golden years during the 13th and 14th centuries as a result of the order of Alfonso IX, compelling the Way to Compostela pass here.
The monastery went then through different troubles, getting worse during the secularization in 1835, being reduced to San Antolín de Obona parish church.
Villaluz, Vega del Rei, Berrugoso, Campiello, El Fresno, El Espín and Borres, with an interesting church, are modest milestones of our historical way. During the 12th century, there was a hospital for pilgrims here, today there is a hostel.