4: Bruma - Sigüeiro

30 Km.

De Bruma a Sigüeiro

  We are in the last section of the English Way, where thee nearness of Compostela makes us go faster in our journey and monumental references be less.

Cabeza de Lobo, Ardemil

Instead of Cabeza de Lobo, Church cruising with a beautiful Ardemil.
  Iglesia de Buscás, Ordes

Iglesia de Buscás- 2, Ordes 

In Buscás – Ordes there is an excellent Romanesque temple dedicated to St Paio.
  San Julian de Poulo-1 

A bit forward, in San Xoán de Poulo, we find the church, the noble house and the ‘cruceiro’. Long ago there was a hospital for pilgrims here.San Julian de Poulo-2


Santa Eulalia de Pereira

Another inscription in a house also alludes to Phillip II’s stay in that year.
    Puente de Sigüeiro, Santiago

Sigüeiro, capital of Oroso, is thought to be founded in the 12th century. The bridge over Tambre River, designed in the time the village was born, is highly significant.