6: Peñaseita - La Mesa

The pilgrims that have chosen the second route, that of Pola de Allande, and have stopped at Peñaseia have a brief 16,6 km stage up to La Mesa. In case they have not spend the night in Peñaseita, the stage from Borres up to La Mesa (through Pola de Allande) means a 32 km walk.

The religious architecture is represented by San Andrés Church, from the 16th century and then restored on many occasions.
Leaving Pola de Allande, we find Peñaseita and El Palo (1.146 m) with wonderful landscapes, including the remains of old auriferous exploitations.
The Way goes on through Montefurado, crossing the Hospital route, where there were a pilgrim’s hospital years ago. A carving of the Apostle is still preserved in its chapel.


Lago and Berducedo are the last towns in Allande. At Lago’s church there is a bell dating from the 16th century and near the church we find a magnificent yew that was declared Natural Monument.

Berducedo, whose access is still known as ‘Camín Francés’, has a church from the 14th century and even at the end of the last century there was a house-hospital that still preserves a plaque in the façade of the doctor’s house.