6: Baamonde - Miraz

Stage 20 km.


Puente de San Alberte, Parga, Lugo


After passing Baamonde, already in Guitiriz, we find St Alberte medieval bridge that has been recently restored. According to the legend, the devil was tied in this bridge so that he could not harm the travellers.

Capilla de San Alberte, Parga. Lugo, Foto Carlos Rodríguez

St Alberte Chapel, almost hidden in the middle of the grove, is a Gothic 14th century chapel with a unique nave and obvious buttresses. A great ‘romería’ is celebrated in this chapel.

San Breixo y Santa Leocadia, Parga-Guitiriz, Lugo

The route leaves Guitiriz behind after crossing St Breixo and St Leocadia de Parga.



Following the route, we get to St Paio de Seixón in Frio. In Seixón there is a Romanesque Church built by Master John in 1140.  
In Santiago de Miraz, there is a square-plan tower (15th century), which is a rest of the Saavedra Castle.

And next to our route we find St Paio de Narla Fortress, which houses the ethnographic section of Lugo’s Provincial Museum. On the top of the tower an unrepeatable landscape can be contemplated.