4: Gontán - Vilalba

Stage 24 km

From Abadín, the way runs by A Terra Chá through the parishes of Castromaior and Goiriz


Crossing Abadín River we get to Castromayor. This town has a medieval bridge over Arnela River in Ponterroxal and the old bridge in Martiñán (‘Pontevella’, from the 17th century) over Batán River, marking the limit with Vilalba.

Pontevella en Martiñán


Already in Vilalba, in Santiago de Goiriz, one can admire the magnificent work carried out in the cemetery by stonemasons from Román.


The cross-shaped ends of the niches are authentic sculpture works.


At the entrance to Vilalba, in the industrial estate, there is a pilgrim’s lodging with a capacity of 48 people.


There is an excellent Archaeological Museum in Vilalba with a collection of valuable discoveries related to the prehistory of the region.

Parador de Vilalba, Lugo

The Andrade Castle (15th century) is the monumental jewel of the capital of the Terra Chá. It was turned into a parador nacional de turismo (tourist hotel), whose noble nucleus is situated in the old tower.

There is a wonderful view of the surroundings and anyone can understand the feeling of power the old Counts of Vilalba could have in those times.

Rests of the old walls of the village are also preserved.







There are two identifying elements in this land, two famous delicacies: St Simon breast-shaped cheese and capon. Capons are castrated chickens, handfed and carefully sacrificed and presented as the best Christmas delicacy in Galicia.