North Route

road from the north to compostelaWe are starting the North Way to Santiago de Compostela, older than the French Way. Those who came from Europe through the Cantabrian coast and arrived in the north of the Iberian Peninsula came to the Western capital this way.

The first pilgrimages came from Asturias about the 10th century. Pilgrims arrived through the Basque Country and walked round green lands as a promise of the green Galicia of the Apostle. They would pass along Oviedo to honour the Saviour and either followed the Primitive Way on the inside or went on with the Cantabrian Route and the North Way or High Way. In this Way, Ribadeo was the main entrance to Galicia.
This itinerary is known to be used by the French Guillermo Manier, in 1726, and also Jean Pierre Racq in 1790, who wrote a guide about this route. Even St Francis of Assisi is thought to have travelled to Compostela following this north route, passing along Oviedo in 1214.
There are about two hundred kilometres from Ribadeo to Compostela, although the last ones from Arzúa form a section this Way shares with the French and Primitive Ways.