Follow the yellow arrows that mark the Way. You can get brochures in the Tourist Information Offices and books with maps of the route to Compostela in any bookshop.

Walk on the left verge in those sections of the Way that coincide with roads. If you go on a group, maximum two people on the verge.

Use reflective vests that let drivers see you easily in case you walk at night (but it is not advisable).

Bring something sweet and nuts to get your strength back when your organism ask for it.

Look for a fresh place to have a rest and drink something if it gets hotter. A litre of water with a small spoon of salt and half a spoon of bicarbonate will let you recover the used up minerals. If you suffer from cramps, increase the amount of salt.

Treat whoever you meet as you would like to be treated, mainly if they are people helping pilgrims.
Enjoy the Way! Happy route to Compostela!


The list below is merely indicative and each traveller can make his perfect list of things to include in his rucksack, taking into account that the lighter it is, the easiest the journey will be.
Although along the way you will find a solution for any matter, here is our suggestion:

- Anatomic light rucksack with straps and pockets.
- Those boots you wore while training.
- Two shirts, two pair of trousers and two cotton shirts.
- Underwear and three pairs of socks.
- A sweater.
- A light garnment for the rain and a waterproof pair of trousers and jacket.
- A sleeping bag.
- A towel.
- A small mat.
- Flip-flops.
- A swimming suit.
- A first-aid kit. Consult your chemist (alcohol, surgical gauzes, sticking plaster, plasters, laxative, antidiarrheal, aspirins, protective suntan cream, anti-inflammatory…).
- Hygienic paper.
- A vanity case (toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, soap, moisturizing cream, sponge, deodorant, comb…).
- Pocketknife, lantern, lighter, a pair of small scissors, needle and thread.
- A light wide-brim hat.
- A cap.
- Sunglasses.
- A walking stick.
- A water bottle.
- A bag with detergent, clothes pegs and safety pins for drying clothes when walking by hanging it on the rucksack.
- A bag for dirty clothes.
- Tampons for ears.
- Sanitary towels (ladies).
- A notepad and a pen.
- Pilgrim’s credential.
- Identity card, National Health Service card, mobile phone (or phone card), few cash and a credit card.
- Optional: a radio set and a camera.

If you travel in winter, include some coat.