Follow the yellow arrows that mark the Way. You can get brochures in the Tourist Information Offices and books with maps of the route to Compostela in any bookshop.

Walk on the left verge in those sections of the Way that coincide with roads. If you go on a group, maximum two people on the verge.

Use reflective vests that let drivers see you easily in case you walk at night (but it is not advisable).
Bring something sweet and nuts to get your strength back when your organism ask for it.

Look for a fresh place to have a rest and drink something if it gets hotter. A litre of water with a small spoon of salt and half a spoon of bicarbonate will let you recover the used up minerals. If you suffer from cramps, increase the amount of salt.

Treat whoever you meet as you would like to be treated, mainly if they are people helping pilgrims.
Enjoy the Way! Happy route to Compostela!


Pieces of advice for pilgrims.
The Spanish Society of Cardiology and the Spanish Heart Foundation have created an advice Decalogue, the healthy Decalogue for pilgrims, which is reflected below:


1. Do not smoke and avoid excess alcohol and coffee.

2. Control risk factors: hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and overweight.

3. Plan the route and distance of every stage according to your age and fitness.

4. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

5. Do not carry a heavy weight on your shoulders.

6. Keep a balanced diet related to the physical effort you make.

7. If you suffer from a cardiovascular disease, be especially careful about your physical state during the route.

8. Do not forget a first-aid kit and have your mobile phone charged.

9. Rest enough.

10. Enjoy the journey and do not be in a hurry.




The conservation and use of the hostels network of the of the mangement society of xacobean plan is regulated by a norm that establishes the rights and duties of the pilgrims users. This norm emphasizes:

1. Those pilgrims that make their way on foot or those who have physical disabilities will have priority as far as accommodation is concerned on the Road to Santiago in Galicia. At the scale of priorities, after those pilgrims who make their way on foot, we would find all those that travel the Jacobean route on horseback, by bicycle and those who travel by support cars.

2. The seats will be covered according to the arrival order to the lodgings; in any case, the Xunta (regional government) of Galicia contemplates the possibility of making reservations in advance.  

3. The use of the lodging will have a cost. The amount is 3 euros, and it includes the use of the facilities servicies and the night stay.

Norms of use:  

4. The stay will be of a single night, except in case of disease or unforeseen circumstances. The entrance schedule will be from 1 pm to 10:00 pm. The time of departure will be, at the most, at 8:00.  

5. The lights will be turned off at 11:00 pm, except in the common areas. The users will have to take care of the facilities with the due diligence, in order to leave them tidy and clean, and will have to collect rubbish in the corresponding containers. It is requested not to squander the electricity and to make use of the specific places where the clothes are hung up for drying.