A Coruña

1A: A Coruña - Bruma , (Variante )

A Coruña


Torre de Hercules - A Coruña    The most characteristic identifying element of A Coruña is the Tower of Hercules, Roman lighthouse of the 2nd century restored in its present shape by Eustaquio Giannini in the late 18th century.



Concello de A Coruña

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English Route

English way to CompostelaWe are going on the English Way to Compostela, known like that because of the great amount of pilgrims from the British Islands.


It was from the 12th century onwards that pilgrimages from the Nordic countries and the British Islands started. The first one known goes back to 1147 with the arrival of a squad of crusaders who travelled to the Holy Land.

    The expedition took part in the conquest of Lisbon and helped the first king of Portugal in his fight against the Arabs. Before taking part in the battle, the members of the expedition visited the tomb of the Apostle in Compostela. That was the beginning of the English Way in the Western capital.

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